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Multimedia Station "Forced Labor 1939-1945" at the German Historical Museum

Video Interview in the Multimedia Station

Video Interview in the Multimedia Station

The multimedia station "Forced Labor 1939-1945" of the German Historical Museum provides its visitors with an introduction to this chapter of German history with a selection of interviews.

The selected interviews represent the following groups: A Ukrainian “OST-Arbeiter”, a Polish forced laborer, a Soviet prisoner of war, slave laborers from concentration camps and an Italian military internee. The interviewees give accounts of their various areas of deployment in industry, agriculture, and mining and in private households.

The interviews can be selected using a map according to place of origin and place of deployment as well as according to the themes “Origin and Family”, “Labor and Terror”, “Return and Emigration”. Visitors can obtain background information through introductory texts, information and facts about forced labor. 

The interviews have been subtitled in German. The station has been developed and implemented by the research assistants of the Department for Central Documentation.

The multimedia station is also been available online in a web-optimized version. More» (in German)