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Privacy Policy

We are unable to grant access to the online-platform “Forced Labor 1939-1945. Memory and History” (hereafter: the platform) without processing certain personal data. In doin so, we strictly limit ourselves to what is technically required and fully comply with statutory regulations.

Your personal data is necessary for usage authorization and for internal user management. Other than this, the data will only be used for access statistics and optimization of the platform. We will only process personal data with the user's consent or if authorized by law. We feel it is important that you understand which data we process, the reasons for doing so, and what it is used for. This is explained in the following privacy policy.

Questions about data security may be addressed to mail@zwangsarbeit-archiv.de at any time.

1. What is personal data?

Personal data is information that may be used to identify you, such as your name, mailing address or IP-address (if not made anonymous), and your e-mail address. Information that may not be tracked back to your identity (such as anonymous log-files, recording browser-types) is not included.

2. Using the online-archive „https://archiv.zwangsarbeit-archiv.de/en

Your IP-address, the site from which you came to us, date, time, your operating system and browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera etc.) will be linked with your login once you have registered for the archive. This data is collected exclusively for statistical purposes (i.e. analyzing user behavior, such as pages accessed and browsers used) and to improve platform services. By accepting the privacy policy, you agree to this kind of data processing.

3. Who stores the data?

Personal data submitted by you will be electronically collected and used by the university Library of Freie Universtaet Berlin,Digital Interview Collections, (see contact information below) and stored at the data center of Freie Universitaet Berlin. 

It will not be shared with third parties or processed outside of the Freie Universitaet Berlin unless we have your explicit consent or are legally obliged or permitted to do so (e.g. within the process of legal prosecution in cases of plagiarism or other copyright violations).

4. Processing of your registration data 

We will permanently store all registration data necessary to use our services, or at least as long as your user registration remains active (see 6. for “deleting” information). This means data that you submit during platform registration: your title, name, e-mail address, mailing address, profession, the institution you work for, the institution’s homepage, your research topic or reason for registration (hereafter: registration data). Furthermore, you receive a user name and password after registration (hereafter: login data).

Your registration data will be processed by our user management inasmuch as this is necessary to use our services, first and foremost to get in contact with you as a user. We may also use your registration data (especially your e-mail-address) to communicate with you with respect to this or other online services of Freie Universitaet Berlin to ask for  user evaluation or information about technical changes/ improvements. By accepting the privacy policy, you agree to this kind of data processing.

5. Processing of usage data

Data about the usage of the platform will be processed by us. We rely on this data to optimize the platform by analyzing user behavior and data flow. Individual actions will be linked to each account. As soon as you log into the archive and use the archive features, usage data will be collected. The date of creation as well as the date of the latest change of a contribution will be recorded once in our system. Furthermore your used ID will be stored, which enables us to identify you as the author of a contribution. However, only your user name (derived from your registration data) will be published in the archive. By accepting the privacy policy you agree to this kind of data processing.

6. Deletion of data upon terminating the user account 

As soon as your registration for the platform’s archive is terminated, all personal data will be removed. All personal information will thereby be anonymized and may then continue to be used for statistical purposes in its anonymous form. Once your user data has been anonymized, your access to the platform’s archive will be blocked. You may terminate your registration for the platform’s archive at any time by requesting the anonymization of your data. To do so, please contact us at:


7. Right of withdrawal

All users may withdraw their consent for the use of their data according to 2, 4 and 5 for the future by sending a written notice to mail@zwangsarbeit-archiv.de. This will exclude the user from further usage of the platform’s archive. 

8. Cookies

Like other internet services we use so-called cookies. A cookie is a short entry in a specific data file on your computer which supports the exchange of information between computer programs or the archiving of information for a limited period of time. Cookies may store information about your visit on our website. Our cookies do not contain personal data (like IP address or login data), but only anonymous “session ids”. Some of our cookies remain on your computer so the platform may recognize you at your next visit. Most browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera etc.) are set to accept cookies by default. You may however, change the settings on your browser to reject cookies or only accept them upon your approval. If you reject cookies altogether, the platform features may not work properly.

9. Information

Upon your request, we will provide any information on stored data linked to your person free of charge. With your consent information may be handed to you in electronic form. Please direct your signed information retrieval request in writing to: 

Freie Universitaet Berlin
University Library / Dept. Research Services
Digital Interview Collections
„Forced Labor 1939-1945"
Ihnestr. 24
14195 Berlin


10. Changes in privacy policy

Due to constant changes, especially technological, we need to reserve ourselves the right to adapt our privacy policy from time to time when change becomes necessary. Changes will be published on our website www.zwangsarbeit-archiv.de or communicated via e-mail. If required by law we will ask you to agree to those changes. If you do not want to agree to any changes, you may terminate your registration and use of the platform at any time. 

As of: 08.09.2021