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"Learning with Interviews: Forced Labor 1939-1945"

The web app "Learning with Interviews: Forced Labor 1939-1945" is a competence-based learning programme for students from 14 years of age.

"Learning with Interviews": video, transcript, tasks and operating window

"Learning with Interviews": video, transcript, tasks and operating window

The life stories of former forced laborers take center stage. Seven representatives from different victim groups report on their experiences in camps and factories, the behaviour of the Germans and their experiences after returning home.

The 25-minute biographical short films are based on video interviews from the online archive "Forced Labor 1939-1945".  Two background films provide information on forced labor and compensation as well as about oral history. Informational texts, tips on methods of use, timeline and lexicon, documents and maps help to contextualize the information. The tasks can be edited directly in the operating window of the learning platform. The working proposals are suitable for different grades of all types of school and coordinated with a 90-minute teaching module.

Transcripts, translations, navigation and tasks, editing window and portfolio function make research-based learning in regular classes, on project days and in exam presentations possible. Teachers can add their own tasks. Didactic commentaries and the bookmark and note-taking function support an effective and group specific preparation of lessons.

Target groups

  • for different types of school in all federal states (from 8th grade onwards)
  • for regular classes, projects, research papers, exam presentations
  • competence-based, interdisciplinary: history, German, art ...
  • for bilingual classes and multilingual learning groups


  • seven 25-minute video interviews
  • background films on forced labor during World War II and oral history
  • tasks with editing window and material
  • saving, printing and presenting the results
  • photos, documents, maps, timeline, lexicon

Teacher trainings

During the trainings in different federal states of Germany the web-based platform "Learning with Interviews: Forced Labor 1939-1945" will be presented and tested together with the participants.