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New Online Publication: "Preserving Survivors' Memories"

News from Feb 06, 2017

Second volume in the series "Education with testimonies" of the Foundation EVZ published

The second volume of the series "Education with testimonies" commissioned by the foundation "Remembrance, Responsibility and Future" (EVZ) is now available via download. It is titled "Preserving Survivors' Memories. Digital Testimony Collections: History, Education and Media" and was edited (amongst others) by the head of the Center for Digital Systems (CeDiS) Nicolas Apostolopoulos.

Due to the generation shift, the central challenge has become to preserve the memories of the survivors of National Socialist persecution and to anchor these within 21st century cultural memory. In this transition phase, which includes rapid technical developments within information and communications technology, the collections of survivors’ audio and video interviews encounter high expectations. This publication reflects the interdisciplinary debates currently taking place on the various digital techniques of preserving eyewitness interviews. The focus is how the changes in media technology are affecting the various fields of work, which include storage/archiving, education as well as the reception of the interviews.

Preserving Survivors' Memories. Digital Testimony Collections: History, Education and Media (Education with Testimonies, vol. 3), commissioned by the foundation EVZ and ed. by Nicolas Apostolopoulos, Michele Barrichelli, Gertrud Koch, Berlin 2016.

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