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New Publication: Oral History meets Linguistics

News from May 29, 2017

New book including an article written by Prof. Dr. Stefan Pfänder and Dr. Cord Pagenstecher

Recently, the anthology "Oral History and Linguistics", ed. by Erich Kasten, Katja Roller and Joshua Wilbur was published. The book arose as a result of a workshop of the same name, which took place in December 2015 in Freiburg.

The article "Hidden Dialogues: Towards an Interactional Understanding of Oral History Interviews" studies narrative patterns in video-taped interviews with Holocaust survivors understood as results of a recorded interaction. Combining questions and methods from oral history, conversation analysis and interactional linguistics the article analyses the working alliance between interviewer and narrator, with both participants using specific verbal and non-verbal resources to co-construct the narration and its layers of meaning

Pagenstecher, Cord / Pfänder, Stefan: Hidden Dialogues: Towards an Interactional Understanding of Oral History Interviews, in: Kasten, Erich / Roller, Katja / Wilbur, Joshua (eds.): Oral History Meets Linguistics, Fürstenberg / Havel 2017: Kulturstiftung Sibirien, 185-207.

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