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Claudio S., Italian military internee

Claudio S during the interview

Claudio S during the interview
Image Credit: Internet Archive "Forced Labor 1939-1945"

Claudio S.'s Life Journey

Claudio S.'s Life Journey
Image Credit: CeDiS / FUB

Claudio S. was deported to Germany as Italian Military Internee in 1943. He passed through different camps, trying to resist the labor enforcement. After the war, the geologist dedicated himself to the remembrance of the Military Internees.

Short Biography

  • Born in 1920 in Genoa, his father was a businessman, his mother from the French colony of Guadeloupe
  • Active in Catholic organizations and Fascist youth groups
  • September 1943: After the Italian ceasefire, the young lieutenant is captured by German troops in Alessandria; he refuses to collaborate as an Italian military internee (IMI).
  • Internment in various prisoner of war camps in Germany and Poland
  • 1944: Transfer to civilian status, transfer to a Cologne penal camp and forced labor at Glanzstoff & Courtaulds
  • September 1944: Hospitalization, subsequent detention in the camp Wietzendorf near Bergen-Belsen
  • Liberated April 22nd, 1945
  • Returns to Italy August 1945
  • Employment as a geologist; married, one child
  • Since 1980: dedicated to the remembrance of the Italian military internees, publishing many books; no compensation received

Interview Information

  • Interview za126 »
  • Video interview in Italian
  • Interviewed on June 7, 2005 by Viviana Frenkel; camera: Maura Cosenza, Fabrizio Ruggieri
  • Transcript: Viviana Frenkel; translation: Sara Sullam, Florian Ludde
  • Subset: "Italy – Luce Rome"

A biographical short film (duration 25 minutes) from the interview with Claudio S. has been produced for the German-language educational material "Video Testimonies for School Education". Together with a biographical map, a glossary and additional documents, it is available in the learning software.