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Subset: "Serbia – University of Salzburg"

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Interview Holdings:

11 interviewees in Serbia
5 Men, 6 women
7 audio interviews, 4 video interviews

Interview Project:

Department of History and Political Science, Paris Lodron University of Salzburg, Salzburg
Website: www.uni-salzburg.at
Head of Project: Wiesinger, Barbara
Interviewers: Trklja, Aleksandar / Wiesinger, Barbara

Suggested Reading:

  • Wiesinger, Barbara N. „If you lose your freedom, you lose everything.“ The Experiences and Memories of Serbian Forced Labourers, in: Plato, Alexander von / Leh, Almut / Thonfeld, Christoph (eds.), Hitler's Slaves. Life Stories of Forced Labourers in Nazi-Occupied Europe, New York/ Oxford 2010, , pps. 166-176